We import all kinds of products from Foodstuffs to Gold, We also export all kinds of products to provide all what is distinctive to the UAE.

Import and Export Fields

– All kinds of products of Foodstuffs.

– Petroleum and Petroleum materials.

– Livestock (Camels – Cow – Sheep).

– Fresh cooled meat and frozen meat.

– Agricultural products (fodder, clover, seeds).

– Building materials, construction and decoration works.

– Ceramic – False (artificial) Ceilings – Sanitary Materials – Doors.

– Cosmetics & makeup material.

– Agricultural crops (Sesame, Red, White, Peanuts, Melon, and Arabic Gum).

– Charcoal (Al-Talh, Al-Muskite, Hashab, Acacia).

– Public services.

– Electrical, Electronic and Home Appliances.

– The company seeks through an ambitious work plan to establish additional work lines that will include the rest of the world in the upcoming period, God willing.