Our Staff

As always, partners grows with you!

The company has a staff of employees and administrators qualified and trained with the highest scientific certificates, combined with the scientific experience in various administrative and professional fields, they have the estimated legacy of change required for success and excellence.
The company is also interested in continuity training and rehabilitation inside and outside the Sudan and the UAE for escorting and gaining the latest technology and management in all its different specialties.
Our company cooperates with houses that have local experience in the UAE, to establish a specialized training center and to contract with a distinguished group of counselors in Sudan and Emirates to supervise the training in addition to attracting professors from different Arab countries (Egypt – Jordan – Tunisia – Sudan).

Mr. Omer Osman Elnoumier

Omer Osman Elnoumier is the Chairman of the Board of Directors and General Manager, He is a young business man in the third decade of his life and manages the group of companies “Afrodan International Trading and Services Company, Faid Al-Naam Electronics Co., Simi Contracting, Worship Company for livestock and agricultural products, Garm International”.

Our Team

As always, partners grows with you!

Faid Al Naam Fuel & Petroleum Trading

established as a private Limited Liability Companies with a capital and capacity of fifty million US dollars at Khartoum, Republic of Sudan, Holding No. 507097 on August 10th, 1998, under the Companies’ Law of the United Arab Emirates.