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Faid Alnaam GROUP General Trading L.L.C., established as a private Limited Liability Companies with a capital and capacity of fifty million US dollars at Khartoum, Republic of Sudan, Holding No. 507097 on August 10th, 1998, under the Companies’ Law of the United Arab Emirates.

Our Objectives

We deal in all kinds of trade, import of foodstuffs, building materials, electrical appliances, petroleum & its extracts, cosmetics, import of fresh & cooled livestock & meat. Agricultural products (red and white sesame, peanuts, fodder, clover & melon), Import of coal & charcoal, trading in gold & all types of metals in addition to the internal and external agencies in the trading field.

Our Goals

Support the national economy through local and international trade.
Activate the foreign trade and establish relations with foreign countries in the field of import and export to provide all what is distinctive to the UAE people.
Strengthening the land and sea transport, moving and storing in the UAE.

Items Imported
Years of Experience

Social Responsibility

The company has a very big role in the development of society in all its different sectors and especially society remote segments. The company is currently working in collaboration with a local expertise houses to widen the role developing the society, The company contributes effectively to all activities and events related to the society in all forms.

Future Aspirations

The company looking forward through its declared goals to activate the internal and external trade and to open new markets in various countries in the world to support the national economy through expanding, diversifying and promoting the export of all reputed international Sudanese products, as well as expanding the import of all needs of the United Arab Emirates, from production inputs which contribute in Economic, agricultural and urban development for the purpose of bringing a comprehensive renaissance of the company and a qualitative shift in the international trade concept.

Company Subsidiaries

Check our group subsidiaries, we are growing!

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We are here to activate the internal and external trade


We are professional in all types of Trading, Import & Export.


We have more thank 20 years of experience.


We are experts in Import, Export and General Trading.


Quality of products is our first priority.